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Hello Everyone

Exciting things are happening at Norm Blinder Photo. This past week I started a semester long class at CCSN which is titled The Las Vegas Document with One Prime. Basically it is a class entirely conducted in the field shooting with one prime lens only. Okay to you non photographers out there that means no kit or zoom lenses. It must be fixed at one focal length. I will be posting photos throughout the semester. The first half of the class all photos will be in Black and White only.

That brings me to discuss the photo above. I had the pleasure of shooting a very small wedding last Friday afternoon for a couple from out of town. They had a brief service at Temple Beth Sholom and then we finished shooting at the Las Vegas sign. I love shooting photos in Black and White and bringing back the color in the flowers. Wedding photogs have been doing this for years, I love the way it looks and I always hear comments from clients such as "BTW we really loved what you did to that photo etc....

What annoys me to no end is when I go to photography shows there's always "pros" who scorn the above shot saying how outdated it is. That's the problem with some of the lecturers at these seminars. Outdated doesn't mean disliked. At the end of the day its what the client wants and likes. I've never had a potential client look at my work and say "Oh these photos are beautiful, I don't want mine to look anything like these!"

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